Show Notes: Episode 62- The Golden Ages and Angry Gaming

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Peg Catch Up

1:44- Robb tells us a bit about the Sigmund Freud and his irrational fear of the number 62.

3:47- Robb and Christina tells us about their experience at an Escape Room is Richmond, Virginia.

8:26- Christina delights us with her “shy bladder cat” voice while reviewing the light take that card game, Exploding Kittens.


12:01- Robb and Christina rave about the set collection tile laying game by Foxtrot Games, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival.

lanterns art
credit: Andrew Brooks (dotKeller) or

15:22- Robb bemoans the experience of introducing Christina to The Game of Thrones: The Card Game 2nd Edition.


18:08- Jeremy revels in the cute tactics of Sushi Go! by Gamewright Games.


20:33- Jeremy points out the appeal and some of the flaws in Artana Game’s economic game, Tesla v. Edison: War of Currents.


26:55- Robb and Patrick discuss their anticipation of the next step in legacy gaming, the forthcoming Chronicles: Origins.

origins chron

27:57- Patrick discuss the two-player expansion to Among the Stars, Revival by Stronghold Games.


31:37- Patrick discuss typically female themed games and his daughters affection for such games as he review Cool Mini Or Not’s re-print of Queen’s Necklace.



34:18- Robb discusses being persuaded to back a game that initial turned him off, Secret Hitler. (click here to read a bit about the corporate culture at Cards Against Humanity Games.)


37:26- Patrick discuss the soon to be released companion game to Last Will, The Prodigals’ Club by CGE.


40:14- Patrick previews the upcoming two player game by Asmodee, Raptor.


42:31- All of the Pegs thanks the PegHeads that bid upon their lots in the Jack Vasal Memorial Fund Auction.

Blue Peg, Ping Peg Review

Bumper Music- Django by Swingrowers.

44:48- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Stronghold Games’ stripped down civilization builder, The Golden Ages.


Bumper Music- The Golden Age by tv on the radio.

53:40- All of the Pegs review The Golden Ages.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- It’s Still Good by Wilson Pickett.

1:24:47- All of the Pegs re-visit the gorgeous set collection game, Abyss.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- Look Back In Anger by David Bowie.

1:30:14- All of the Pegs discuss the gaming events that cause their internal temperatures to rise and how they deal with those feelings.