Show Notes: Episode 60- Above and Below and Man Caves

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Peg Catch Up

1:42- Robb tells us about the “game” with 60 pieces, Chinese Checkers (which is neither Chinese nor checkers) (nor a game).

2:55- The Blue Pegs bemoan the absence of Pink Peg Christina, who abandoned them for Salt Lake City.

3:25- Jeremy talks about the great fun of playing Snow Tails by Renegade Game Studios.


7:49- Patrick recounts his plays of the gateway game New York 1901 by Blue Orange Games. (click here to read a slightly tone deaf recent NYTimes article on the game).


11:49- Robb discusses playing 6 Nimmt with his mom (a cagey complainer). (As pointed out by a PegHead, this game has recently been re-skinned as The Walking Dead Card Game.)


14:78- Patrick talks about discovering the wonderful tile laying game, Glen More.


18:26- Patrick recounts the good and the bad of the card game, Evolution by North Star Games.


21:28- Robb waxes about the approaching RobbCon 2016.

22:27- Robb and his sausage fingers discuss his construction of the minis for Kingdom Death; Monster.

25:39- The Pegs discuss their contribution to the Jack Vasal Memorial Fund Auction, a gaming session with the Pegs and a chance to sing the Re-ReRoll Song on a future episode. (And courtesy of The Benefactor a Blue Peg, Pink Peg challenge coin.)


29:47- Robb talks about a variation on his Fantasy Fantasy Football idea, Realm Adventure League, backing on kickstarter now.


31:16- Jeremy discusses the new Dead of Winter companion app (sadly without voice over work by Blue Peg Robb.)


34:26- Jeremy talks about the innovative horror themed card game, Escape the Nightmare (backing on kickstarter now.)


38:44- Patrick previews the upcoming real time tile laying puzzle game, Four Gods.


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Tell Me a Story by Iggy Pop.

42:51- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the resource management narration game, Above and Below by Red Raven Games.



Bumper Music- Dig for Fire by The Pixies.

51:45- All of the Pegs (Christina by proxy) review Above and Below.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Rell

Bumper Music- He Played by Moody

1:18:53- All of the Pegs discuss their thoughts on Fiasco (uptick) and Elder Signs (uptick) one year later.


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- Man Cave by Greg Schneider

1:24:11- All of the Pegs discuss what they look for in an ideal playing space.

Check out this incredible gaming space designed and built by PegHead DB (aka bikefreak on BGG).


…and this remarkable space by PegHead Dave (aka game knight).


Looking for some great gaming related decorations, and related arts, click here.