Show Notes: Episode 53- Elysium and GenCon 2015 Preview

BPPP Elysium and GenCon 2015 Preview (click on the text to the left to listen)

Peg Catch Up

1:16- Robb tells us about the lovable anthropomorphic love bug, Herbie.


3:00- All of the Pegs thank the PegHead Nation for their recent reviews of the show on itunes.

3:33- Robb talks about playing The Resistance with his mother.

5:59- Robb and Christina talk about introducing Christina’s family to Ultimate Werewolf and his love for Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

10:44: Christina talks about her first experience on, including a failed game of Castles of Burgundy.

12:44- Christina (the kickstarter tease) talks about the tile laying kickstarter game, Molecular.


15:00- Jeremy talks about his Flying Flog extravaganza including plays of Last Night on Earth and


16:20- a Battle Royale of Last Night on Earth and Invasion from Outerspace.


18:34- Jeremy talks about playing the cooperative game from Victory Points Games, Frontier Stations.

Frontier Stations Cover

22:09- Patrick talks about playing games with his mom, including a play of Le Havre: The Inland Port.


26:22- Patrick discusses his great affection for the new Z-Man Games title, The Voyages of Marco Polo.


29:33- Patrick reviews his birthday board game from Robb, Roll for the Galaxy.


31:46- All of the Pegs provide a general summary of their GenCon 2015 plans (sans Christina).

36:55- The Pegs recount their official GenCon 2015 schedule; 1-2 pm (not am) on Friday the Pegs will be at the Dice Tower Network Booth; 6 pm the Pegs will be participating the Dice Tower Live Show; 1-2 pm on Saturday the Pegs will be demoing Diamonds at that Stronghold Games Booth and awarding a Stronghold Games Gift Pack to the winner of the Aphorism That Compensates; and finally they will be mixing it up at The Secret Cabal Meet-Up at 9 pm Saturday Night.

45:10- Patrick begins his list of the GenCon games he is most excited about including: Steam Works by Tasty Minstrel Games;


48:11- Viceroy by Mayday Games;


50:30- Discoveries by Asmodee Games; and


52:00- Favor of the Pharaoh by Bezier Games.


53:41- Jeremy previews the games that he is most excited about including: El Gaucho by Passport Games;


55:20- News @ 11 by Infectious Play;


56:22- Tesla v. Edison : War of Current by Artana; and


58:20- Dark Moon by Stronghold Games.


1:00:49- Christina talks about some of the games that she would like for the guys to check out, including Extra, Extra by Mayfair Games;


1:03:30- Onitama by Arcana Wonders;


1:04:27- Titus Tentacle by HABA; and


1:06:02- Game of Phones by Breaking Games.


1:07:59- Robb talks about his most anticipated games including Castles of Mad King Ludgwig: Secrets (sorry Robb, but it won’t be available for sale at GenCon);

1:08:38- Scythe by Stonemaire Games;


1:09:15- Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games;


1:10:20- Between Two Cities by Stonemaier Games, Xenoshyft: Onslaught by Cool Mini Or Not and One Deck Dungeon by Asmadi.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Play This by Keller Williams

1:12:29- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the card drafting game, Elysium by Space Cowboys and Asmodee Games.

Bumper Music- Elysium by Mary Chapin Carpenter

1:18:33- All of the Pegs review Elysium.

Elysiumcensor Elysium1 (11) Elysium1 (10) Elysium1 (9) Elysium1 (8) Elysium1 (7) Elysium1 (6) Elysium1 (5) Elysium1 (4) Elysium1 (3) Elysium1 (2) Elysium1 (1)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Staying Power by Queen

1:57:38- All of the Pegs revisit two smaller games Splendor (up tick) and Blueprints (downtick).