Show Notes: Episode 52- Redacted and Inside the Podcast Studio Year Two

Peg Catch Up

1:26- Robb tells us about the various world wide configurations of the 52 card deck of standard playing cards.


2:55- The Pegs talk about their extra long 2 hour and 45 minute episode.

3:55- Jeremy fills us in on his horrible cockney accent and his British invasion, including discussion of an ancient Roman board game.


7:51- Christina fills us in on her visit to a Charleston, West Virginia board game store, The Rifleman.


10:09- The Pegs discussion some of their Father’s Day board game presents, including a game of Elysium, a Pathfinder character deck, Buck, Buck, Moose and a BPPP piece of art.


11:50- Robb bemoans his dominance of Christina in two player board games and his losses on

14:05- Patrick talks about playing Cinque Terra with his kids and their sleepover friends.


17:09- Patrick talks about playing the Passport Games co-op Samurai Spirit with a slew of tweens.


19:57- The Pegs discuss some challenges associated with their BPPP Board Game Sample Night.

24:47- Robb recounts his failed effort to get all of the promo tiles for Terra Mystica and discusses his anticipation of the new Terra Mystica space version.


An early image of a prototype of a Space version of Terra Mystica
An early image of a prototype of a Space version of Terra Mystica

26:32- Robb talks about the controversy surrounding the Kingdom Builder Marshland expansion (note: this kickstarter campaign was cancelled on June 25) and Patrick recounts the controversy surrounding an reprint of Brass.

32:25- Robb tells us about the Tabletop Kingdom Builder kerfuffle.


38:19- Patrick talks about the much anticipated expansion to Kemet, Kemet: Ta-Seti.


41:13- Patrick describes one of the games he is looking forward to seeing at GenCon 2015, Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot.


43:12- All of the Pegs discuss the scheduling of the release of their GenCon 2015 Preview episode, set to release on July 27, 2015.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Learning the Rules of the Game by Buddy Holly

44:38- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for [redacted].


Bumper Music- Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers

53:14- All of the Pegs review [redacted].
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Bumper Music- Shall I Stay of Should I Go by The Clash

1:22:41- All of the Pegs give their thoughts one year after reviewing, Sentinels of The Multiverse and Blue Moon: Legends.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper- Segments from Inside the Actor’s Studio

1:36:41- All of the Pegs answer questions from the PegHeads about their BPPP experiences.