Show Notes: Episode 135- James Hudson & Porta Nigra

Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Porta Nigra, Lincoln, Kitchen Rush, and Ruthless. Underwater Cities was obtained at a reduced rate.

1:05- Tree Trivia [link]

4:00- Get to know James Hudson [Druid City] [Skybound]
22:00- Pints! [link]
24:40- Ruthless [publisher] [BGG]
32:10- The Boldest [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]
40:26- Underwater Cities [publisher] [BGG]
48:30- Megaland [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]
57:17- Kitchen Rush [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]
1:07:50- Lincoln [publisher] [BGG]
1:13:48- Keyforge Deck Names [to buy] [publisher] [BGG] [banned list]
1:24:54- Gilmour to Pandasaurus [link]
1:29:58- Mice & Mystics Movie [link]
1:32:06- Aeon’s End Digital [link]
1:33:00- Bugman’s Battle [link]
1:40:00- Kickstarter entitlement
1:54:17- Porta Nigra Rules [to buy] [BGG]
1:58:30- Porta Nigra Review

2:34:10- Valletta Re-Roll