Show Notes: Episode 132- SubTerra & Nyctophobia

Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Spellmasters, Blank Slate, Fireworks, Rise of Queensdale, and Samurai Jack.




19:20- [link]


31:00- Robb, Christina, and Patrick talk about playing around in the frontier as they discuss Western Legends. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

36:00- Jeremy learns that easy words are better than big words as he plays Spell Smashers. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

42:30- Christina and Robb make us all roll our eyes as we discuss Blank Slate. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG] [link]

46:20- Robb gets distracted by cover art as Patrick review’s Fireworks. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

52:16- Robb, Christina, and Patrick give a spoiler free review of The Rise of Queensdale. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

58:10- Patrick talks about being disappointed by Samurai Jack. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:04:30- Jeremy discuss the chaos and challenge of The Captain is Dead. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:11:26- Jeremy intrigues Robb and Patrick as he discusses Master of the Galaxy. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:20:06- Christina and Robb talk about the upcoming title Lovelace and Babbage. [to back]

1:30:30- Robb discusses the upcoming Trajan reprint and its high price tag. [link] [BGG]

1:32:48- Patrick provides an Essen Preview: Pandoria. [publisher] [BGG]

1:36:58- Patrick provides an Essen Preview: Gugong. [publisher] [BGG]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

1:41:06- Patrick provides a SubTerra rules breakdown. [publisher] [BGG]
1:43:50- All of the Pegs review SubTerra.

2:12:00- Patrick provides a Nyctophobia rules breakdown. [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]
2:15:45- All of the Pegs review Nyctophobia.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

2:40:12- The Pegs re-visit Fate of the Elder Gods. [click here to see what the PegHeads had to say].