Show Notes: Episode 122- Altiplano

Disclosure: Review copies were received of Wildcatters, Crystal Clans, Fantasy Realms, and Thanos Rising.

Peg Catch Up

:53- Robb hits us with a little Hitchcock Trivia.
4:38- We talk a bit about our Mashup Meetup at Origins, with The Brawling Brothers and special guests, Man vs. Meeple.
7:00- The Pegs discuss their International Table Top Days.
12:00- Patrick talks about playing Kachina, thanks to PegHead Todd Kauk. [BGG]
15:19- Robb hits us with some shower thoughts.
21:00- Robb and Christina go into the complexity of Feudum. [to buy] [publisher]
33:35- Josh and Patrick discuss Wildcatters. [to buy] [publisher]
wildcatters play.jpg
40:00- We get our Avenger groove on as we discuss Thanos Rising. [to buy] [publisher]
47:00- Josh discusses the card game Endless Pass. [to buy] [publisher]
49:46- Christina and Robb talk about the BEEEES and Crystal Clans. [to buy] [publisher]
57:40- Patrick talks about an initial play of Twilight Imperium 4. [to buy] [publisher]
1:05:48- Christina discusses Fantasy Realms. [to buy] [BGG]
1:11:06- Robb discusses the ioS game Age of Rivals. [link]
1:19:11- Josh talks about the roll out of X-Wings 2.0. [link]
1:23:04- Robb previews the Arboretum Reprint. [link]
1:24:10- Patrick discusses the upcoming experiential horror themed game Nyctophobia. [link]
1:27:26- More nostalgia games as we point to an upcoming kickstarter for Nickelodeon Splat Attack. [link]
Splat-Attack promo image.jpg
1:29:40- The Pegs talk about game design protection and challenges through the lens of the recent Dice Wonders kerfuffle.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

1:40:25- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the bag builder game Altiplano. [to buy] [publisher]
1:43:30- All the Pegs review Altiplano.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

2:15:42- All the Pegs revisit Viticulture and discuss plays of the Essential Edition. (no change). (To hear what the PegHeads thought of Viticulture, click here.)