Show Notes: Episode 120- Dinosaur Island

Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Kaiju Crush & Noria.

Peg Catch Up

1:10- Robb gives us some US Inauguration Trivia. (And Patrick chimes in with some likely incorrect trivia.) [link]
5:22- We talk about our most recent contest, sponsored by Druid City Games. #easycontest to win a copy of The Grimm Forest. [buy] [publisher]
8:05- Here comes the RobbCon.

30:52- Christina tells us about Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. [link]
36:00- Josh gets viking on us as he discusses 878 Vikings. [to buy] [publisher]
38:46- Patrick indulges his beer making dreams as he discusses the surprising Heaven & Ale. [to buy] [BGG]
43:22- Robb goes into the distant future and discusses Pulsar 2849. [to buy] [publisher]
47:00- Christina talks about the beauty of Noria. [to buy] [publisher]

55:38- Josh takes to the skies as he discusses Scythe: The Wind Gambit. [to buy] [publisher]
58:00- Patrick and Robb rave about Welcome to Centerville. Also, Patrick makes us all uncomfortable. [to buy] [publisher]
1:03:00- Robb invites us to Craptown: Population You as he discusses the punishing In The Year of the Dragon. [to buy] [BGG]
1:08:30- Patrick talks about smashing cities with his kids as he reviews Kaiju Crush. [to buy] [publisher]
1:12:30- Christina teases her appearance of the charming, Game All Night.
1:15:00- Josh give us a preview of the upcoming Court of the Dead: Mourner’s Call. [publisher]
1:18:00- Patrick talks briefly about Fireball Island.
1:19:34- Patrick promotes his resolution fulfillment as he discusses Street Fighter: The Board Game. #nostalgiagaming
1:22:12- Robb gets ready for the upcoming Gloomhaven expansion, Forgotten Circles.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Yoga Fire, Yoga Flame
1:23:35- Patrick provides a rules breakdown of the action selection game, Dinosaur Island. [to back] [publisher]
Bumper Music- Welcome to Jurassic Park by John Williams.
1:27:50- All of the Pegs review Dinosaur Island.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Replay by Zendaya
2:04:27- All of the Pegs revisit Clank! (slight uptick) and Adrenaline (steady). Click here to read what the PegHeads thought of Clank! Click here to read what the PegHeads thought of Adrenaline.