Show Notes: Episode 110- Essen 2017 and Trick Taking Suite

Peg Catch Up

1:26- Robb tells us a bit about the origins of Weird Al.
3:30- We talk a bit our plan going forward as it relates to our fourth chair.
7:15- Robb and Christina talk a bit about the lead up to the Essen adventure, including a pre-flight challenge.
12:10- Robb and Christina shine a little light on the stupid American archetype.
13:30- Robb talks shoes.
15:17- Robb and Christina give us a bit of the scope and flavor of the Essen experience. [click here to see Exhibit Hall maps for 2017] [Essen 2018]
22:15- We all talk about meeting some incredible international PegHeads.
26:08- We discuss the great people that Robb and Christina met while demoing Vault Assault and Summit with the incredible Conor of Inside Up. [publisher] [BGG: Summit] [BGG: Vault Assault]

33:10- We discuss ways not to demo a game.
36:00- The Pegs talk about their friends from Heavy Cardboard. [website] [to support HC]

41:41- Patrick (of all people) give his first impressions of the very hot, Clans of Caledonia. [publisher] [pre-order, eventually]

48:20- Robb discusses losing to Isaac and some initial sleep deprived, late hour impressions of The Gaia Project. [publisher] [pre order, eventually]
57:10- Christina discusses the unique family game, Hexus Plus. [BGG]
1:01:30- Robb and Christina discuss a first play of Merlin. [publisher] [BGG]
1:07:00- The Pegs talk about the innovative dexterity game, Beast of Balance. [publisher] [to buy]
1:11:50- Robb discusses Scratch Wars. [BGG]
1:17:20- Christina discusses a game that her game match maker recommended, Venice Connection. [BGG]
1:20:25- Bonk!
1:21:00- Patrick and Christina talk about the party game Deer Lord. (Robb makes noises.) [publisher]
1:25:00- The Pegs talk about two upocming titles from Kolossal Games, Western Legends and Kami-Sama. [publisher]

1:34:30- Patrick talks about the newest title from Leder Games, Root. [kickstarter] [publisher]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Reviews

Bumper Music- My Bologna by Weird Al.
1:43:55- Patrick breaks down the rules to Custom Heroes. [to buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music- We Don’t Need Another Hero performed by Tina Turner.
1:47:20- All of the Pegs review Custom Heroes.
Bumper Music- Tricky by Fitz and the Tantrums.
2:05:50- Patrick breaks down the rules to Trickster: Champions of Time. [to buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music- The Trickster by Radiohead.
2:09:09- All of the Pegs review Trickster: Champions of Time.
Bumper Music- It’s Trick by Run DMC.
2:24:12- Patrick provides a rules breakdown to Indulgence. [to buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music- Indulgence by Social Distortion.
2:27:10- All of the Pegs review Indulgence.

Sorry for the dearth of images. The majority were under or over-exposed.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

2:40-54- All of the Pegs revisit Scythe (slight uptick). Click here to read what the PegHeads thought of Scythe.