Show Notes Episode 54: GenCon 2015 and La Granja

BPPP GenCon 2015 and La Granja (click on the text to the left to listen)

Blue Peg, Green Peg Catch Up (Sorry, no Pink Peg)

1:47- Robb tells us a bit about Mountain Dew, the official drink of gamers.


5:00- Robb begins our GenCon recap with a discussion of Scythe and Stonemaier Games.


9:35- Patrick notes how many of the games that excited him at GenCon were previews.


12:00- Jeremy recount his preview play of Time Stories.


17:12- Robb discusses playing 7 Wonders: Duel with Eric Summerer, moderated by Anotine Bauza.


19:80- Patrick talks about the joy he got from talking with Foxtrot Games about their upcoming area control game, World’s Fair: 1893.


22:18- Jeremy talks about getting back his gaming roots and GenCon by playing a fun RPG campaign.

27:40- Robb goes ga-ga over the upcoming title, Gloomhaven.


31:44- Patrick talks about how impressed he was by many of the slight titles he saw at GenCon including: Flick ‘Em Up, News @ 11, Tides of Time and Codenames.


36:40- Jeremy talks about playing News @ 11 at the Secret Cabal Meet-up.

42:33- Robb talks about getting the meet sweets at the second annual Meat Fest.


45:00- Patrick talks about how much fun he had playing games with so many of the PegHeads, including the incomparable Mike Smith.


48:12- Jeremy recounts the many plays he got in of one of his games of GenCon 2015, Dark Moon.


50:40 Robb talks about how fun it was to meet and talk with many of our podcasting friends including Marty from Rolling Dice & Taking Names, the gang from The League of Nonsensical Gamers, The Geek All Stars, Flip of Flip the Table, and Indiana John.

52:27- Patrick talks about how pleased he was to discover a title that had passed him by, Exodus: Proxima Centauri.


54:51- Jeremy talks about how interested he was to observe the growth and changing demographic of GenCon attendees.


59:02- The guys discuss the funk.

1:02:08- The Pegs review their “notable” Dice Tower Live recording presence.


1:04:23- The Pegs reflect upon the development of GenCon generally.

1:10:30- The Pegs discuss the Stonghold Games contest and congratulate its winner.


1:12:36- The Pegs announce their newest contest, sponsered by The Dice Tower and coolstuffinc., “Thanks for the Meme-ories”. (Click here to enter.)

1:16:30- Patrick previews a recent reprint of a Reiner Knizia card game, Res Publica: 2230AD, by Mage Company.


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Something Stank by George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

1:18:40- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Stronghold Games, La Granja.


Bumper Music- La Granja by Los Tigres del Norte

1:27:11- All of the Pegs review La Granja.

LaGran1 LaGran2 LaGran3 LaGran4 LaGran5 LaGran6 LaGran7 LaGran8 LaGran9 LaGran10 LaGran11 LaGran12 LaGran13Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-roll

Bumper Music- As Time Goes By performed by Dooley Wilson

1:56:57- All of the Pegs discuss their thoughts, one year on, of Istanbul, as well as it’s upcoming expansion Mocha & Baksheesh.