Welcome Weary Traveler,

Dost though seek a finely crafted, limited edition, beautiful illustrated vessel for which to drink thy beverage? Rejoice and be merry, Pegheads – your very wish has been answered. Cheers!

Suits or Bathrobes,
Robb, Christina, Brandon and Kevin

Now available: Our BRAND NEW Blue Peg, Pink Peg Legacy Lounge Pint Glass! Quantities are limited, though we will make a second order, if our inventory runs out. Purchasing directly through the site is limited to customer in the contiguous United States , but if you live anywhere else you can contact us at bluepegpinkpeg@gmail.com to arrange for an order and to inquire about pricing and shipping.

Pint Glass pricing is: One (1) pint glass is $16 (+$10 shipping), Two (2) pint glasses is $30 ($+10 shipping) and $60 for Four (4) (FREE shipping). Select your desired quantity below and you will be redirected to a PayPal checkout page that will allow you to pay with many forms of payment, as well as collect contact and payment information. We will retain your contact details solely for the purpose of completing and monitoring your order and will dispose of that information once your order is complete and confirmed.


+$10 Shipping

Legacy Lounge Pint (1)



+$10 Shipping

Legacy Lounge Pint (2)




Legacy Lounge Pint (4)


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