Episode 7: Galaxy Trucker/Gaming With Non-Gamers

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:15- Robb gives Patrick grief for a small error he made
2:20- The guys ruminate over what they should call Blue Peg, Pink Peg listeners and throw it to our listeners to help us decide
3:33- Patrick discusses a recent new gamer outreach he and Pink Peg Keri coordinated during the prior week
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4:20- Robb discusses recent plays of the tile laying game Voluspa
5:38- Robb discusses his recent bathroom reading
6:20- Patrick shares his thoughts about the two-player game Hera & Zeus
8:18- Robb talks about discovering the new Dice Tower Network podcast, Board Game University
10:08- Patrick talks about a few current kickstarter games he has had the opportunity to explore and/or play, including Marrying Mr. Darcy
12:50- Patrick talks about another kickstarter game of which he recently received a copy and hopes to give a play 404: Law Not Found
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14:10- Robb details some recent computer and ioS news including details of the release of Spyrium on Board Game Arena, the release of a free version of Ghost Stories on the ipad, and the impending release of Pandemic for the ipad
16:20- Patrick bemoans his inability to travel to Germany for Essen due in large part to missing the release of CGE’s Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends
16:55- Patrick talks about the upcoming promotional pack of holiday heroes for Dungeon Roll
17:35- Patrick discusses the recent news of the release of a new original legacy style by Rob Daviau, Plaid Hat Games and Iron Wall Games, SeaFall
18:47- Patrick shares that Robinson Crusoe is (or soon will be) available for purchase again
19:20- Robb talks about anticipating the impending release of Lost Legends by Queen Games

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

thats a truck
20:30- Walk Through of Galaxy Trucker
26:37- All of the Pegs review Galaxy Trucker

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

46:51- Discussion of Gaming With Non-Gamers