Episode 6: Bruges/Boardgaming Pet Peeves

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:00 The guys announce their new membership in The Dice Tower Network
2:30- The guys review Quicksilver by Split Second Games
6:40- Patrick reviews some of his recent game plays with Pink Peg Keri, including Small World
7:18- Patrick discusses one of his favorite light games, Saint Malo
9:15- Patrick discusses his joy at the fact that he has been able to get Pink Peg Keri to play Merchant of Venus
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11:35- Robb shares updates on his biggest Kickstarter project to date, Kingdom Death Monster
13:47- Robb discuss a new Miniatures Game Golem Arcana, which uses an ipad interface to makes miniature play easier
15:22- Robb shares a new party game (using either adult beverages or juice) called Pong Tactics
16:56- Robb discusses Blizzard Entertainments new electronic card game Hearthstone
18:29 Robb and Patrick discuss the consequences of big box stores selling designer games including the sale of Z-Man’s Carcasconne
20:08- Patrick discusses his very first kickstarter project backed, Codinca by Backspindle games as well as interview with one of its designers
26:49- Patrick discusses an upcoming high concept family game by Asmodee entitled Concept

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

30:44- Walk Through (NOTE: We realize that we got the rule on advancement on the reputation tract wrong. That is what happens when you first learn a game at GenCon at 3 am. To be sure, there will be some healthy ribbing on this point at the start of our next episode, wedgies may be involved.)
38:11- Review of Bruges

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:02:00- Discussion of Gaming Pet-Peeves