Episode 46 Show Notes: Patchistory and RobbCon 2015

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Peg Breakdown

1:41- Robb tells us about the 46 building blocks of the human organism, chromosomes.

3:47- Patrick describes the unique challenge and experience of the app assisted logic game, Alchemist by CGE.

11:45- Patrick describes a fun sleeper game by Z-Man Games, Dark Minions.

15:15- Robb discusses teh adorableness this is his gameplay of Super Rhino (a/k/a Rhino Hero) by HABA.

18:18- Patrick sounds off on his sons favorite new game, Star Realms.

21:40- Robb explores Days of Wonders response to the Five Tribes slave controversy.

25:22- The Pegs discuss GenCon’s response to the RFPA. (Note: We acknowledge that different people may view this news item in differing ways. While we have our own views on this matter we do not mean to imply or suggest that any person’s beliefs on this admittedly controversial matter are without merit or value.)

30:33- Patrick previews on of the GenCon releases that he is eager to try out, iello’s Big Book of Madness.

32:30- The Pegs discuss Calliope Games innovative kickstarter campaign, The Titan Series.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- What Games Shall We Play Today by Chick Corea

37:20- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Stuntkite Publishing’s unique civilization builder, Patchistory.

Bumper Music- Melt With You by Modern English

46:50- All of the Pegs review Patchistory.

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Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Once Again by Tristam

1:19:00- All of the Pegs re-roll the evergreen title by Mayfair Games, Settlers of Catan.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper- A scene from David FIncher’s 7even.

1:23:35- All of the Pegs recount their weekend in the woods, RobbCon 2015, including their plays of:

IMG_1273 IMG_1289IMG_1281IMG_1317

1:29:00- Lords of Xidit;


1:31:42- Bruxelles 1893;


1:33:40- The Staufer Dynasty;


1:35:32- Coup: Reformation;


1:36:30- Masters of Commerce (a/k/a Panic on Wall Street);


1:37:59- Bang!;


1:43:08- Twilight Struggle;


1:44:57- Concordia;


1:45:40- Rarrr!;


1:47:12- Citadels;


1:48:27- Dead of Winter;


1:52:24- Camel Up;


1:54:31- Tales of the Arabian Nights;

1:57:04- Tzolk’in;


1:58:02- Xia;

1:59:57- Cosmic Encounter;


2:01:38- A Study in Emerald;

2:03:38- Caverna; and

2:04:30- Terra Mystica.