Episode 45 Show Notes: St. Petersburg and Game Components

Peg Catch Up

1:26- Robb tells us about the hidden meaning of the Cornershop song, Brimful of Asha (on the ’45).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM7H0ooV_o8&w=420&h=315]

3:05- The Pegs (or the Blue and Green Pegs) discuss the annual gaming extravaganza, RobbCon.

4:57- Robb talks about playing Robot Turtles with his three year old. (farting noises not included)

robot t

7:09- Robb talks about the joy of playing Sorry! with his daughter. (in your face game snobs)

8:44- Christina talks about her plans to learn and teach all of the Pegs the Mayfair Games 2 player game Patchwork.


9:57- Christina talk about the experience of explaining our hobby to an uninformed co-worker.

12:01- Jeremy talks about his success in converting his girlfriend.

12:39- Jeremy talks (with pride) of his daughter’s desire to play¬†a game of Adventure Maximus without him.


14:40- Jeremy talks about the fun that he had dying to the zombie horde in the game, Dead of Winter.


20:41- Patrick reviews another great NSKN Games offering, Versailles.


24:00- Patrick reviews the light set collection game, Rise to Power by Rule and Make.


26:38- Patrick discusses the unique and highly replayable co-op, Wizard’s Academy.

Minis 1

32:26- Christina previews another wizard themed game now on kickstarter, Wizards of the Wild.


34:55- Christina inquires about the rating system of a wonderful game review blog, Misery Farming.

38:09- Robb previews an upcoming legacy style deck building game, Gloomhaven.


39:53- Robb shares news of an upcoming expansion to a BPPP favorite, The Castles of Mad King Ludwig.


40:57- Patrick previews a game from the designers of Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game, Apocrypha.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QZYvsq-JC8&w=560&h=315]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- One on One by Hall and Oates.

43:00- Patrick provides an admittedly lengthy rules breakdown for St. Petersburg.

Bumper Music- Czar by Frank Black.

48:10- All of the Pegs review St. Petersburg.

Is this the face of pure evil?
Is this the face of pure evil?

_DSC0256 _DSC0255 _DSC0254 _DSC0253 _DSC0252 _DSC0251 _DSC0250 _DSC0248 _DSC0246 _DSC0245 _DSC0243Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Try Again by Big Star.

1:14:36- All of the Pegs discuss their thoughts of Rampage (Terror in Meeple City) one year on.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- Little Pieces by Gomez.

1:18:56- All of the Pegs talk about the types of game components they love and why.