Episode 41 Show Notes: Scoville and Party Games

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Peg Catch Up

1:27- Robb tells us about Ben-Hur’s numeric name during his period of bondage.


2:55- Christina, Robb and Patrick talk about their ongoing Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game campaign, including discussions of Robb’s measly paladin.


This Pathfinder organization aid is incredible and made by BGG user trippinister (click on the photo to see more)
This Pathfinder organization aid is incredible and made by BGG user trippinister (click on the photo to see more)

6:26- Christina and Robb talk about using poker chips in order to aid in their enjoyment of Seasons. (Note: if you would prefer to use gems, you can buy them in bulk here.)


7:22- Christina and Robb share their thought about the expansion to Bruges: City on the Zwin.


10:32- Robb talks about his recent introduction to Castles of Burgundy.


12:17- Jeremy discuss some of the odd affiliations he has with the recently released revised version of Ca$h & Guns.


16:37- Jeremy talks about carving out some special time for his daughter, during a recent break from board games and a daddy daughter day.

18:59- Patrick gives his impressions of one of Stefan Feld’s most recent light to medium weight games, La Isla.



23:01- Patrick talks about his recent and initial play of a classic Chvatil board game, Dungeon Lords.


25:04- Robb previews the upcoming Dominion expansion, Adventures.


26:11- All of the Pegs consider how they might be able to upcycle old expansion boxes as art.

27:25- Christina discusses a game selection decision tree she recently discovered and all of the Pegs discuss teaming up with the PegHeads to create a Blue Peg, Pink Peg game selection guide.


30:57- Christina talks to us about a recent financial report on the fitness of the board gaming industry.

34:17- Patrick discusses the growing Dice Masters line and the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh iteration of the game.


37:28- Patrick talks about AEG’s upcoming Smash-Up clone (?), Epic: PvP.


39:00- Patrick reminds the PegHeads to follow us on twitter for breaking board game news updates.

40:06- Robb give a shout out to PegHead Cole Brewington for his suggestion of a Piranha and a Pig tiles in the official (un-official) Blue Peg, Pink Peg board game, Voluspa.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBxntKrGgFU&w=560&h=315]

41:34- Patrick give a brief rules breakdown for Scoville.

scoville16 scoville15 scoville14 scoville10 scoville7 scoville6 scoville2 scoville1

44:06- All of the Pegs review Ed Marriot and TMG’s recently released set collection game, Scoville.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

1:16:18- The Pegs discuss two of their more highly rated games from 2014, Voluspa and Tash-Kalar.

VoluspaTash Kalar

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:23:57- All of the Pegs talk about challenges, trends and their thoughts about party games.