Episode 30 Show Notes: Gen Con 2014, Machi Koro and Pandemic Contagion

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Blue Peg Catch-Up

1:15- Robb tells us about the Beale Ciphers which promises $30 Million worth of gold.
4:50- The guys talk about their Gen Con 2014 general impressions.
6:03- Robb talks about his arts and crafts experiences at Gen Con.
8:55- The guys talk about the theme of Gen Con 2014, sold out.
12:10- Robb talks about Patrick’s first experience at Con Werewolf.
13:30- The guys talk about some of the insubordinate nonsense (trademark) they got up to at and after the Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast Meetup.
17:03- It is time to talk about face punches.
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19:25- The guys send out this weeks PegHead Nation Proclamation, Kevin and Josiah. (costumes) (spices) (music)
22:15- The guys discuss getting excited for the Dice Tower Network live recording.
23:29- The guys talk about their distant hotel and return voyage.
25:00- The guys talk about their contest and demonstrations of Voluspa at one of the best booths at the Con, Stronghold Games; including discussions of some of their great games: Diamonds, Among the Stars and Panamax.
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29:18- The guys talk about one of the best publishers in the industry Z-Man Games and their vastly improved GenCon presence, including discussion of their games: The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade, Camel Up, Pandemic: The Cure, Tragedy Looper, Chimera and Pandemic: Contagion.
37:44- The guys talk about one of the biggest players at every GenCon, Fantasy Flight games, including their new and upcoming titles: X-Com, The Witcher, Star Wars: Rebellion v. The Empire, Star Wars RPG and Stars Wars: Imperial Assault.
45:47- Robb talks about one of the games that really raised their standing in his eyes, Tasty Minstrel Games, including: Aquasphere, Scoville, Eminent Domain and Belfort.
53:23- Robb talk about the new offerings from a perennial favorite on their list of great publishers, Asmodee including their newest games: Abyss, Lords of Xidit, Sultaniya and Ca$h and Guns version 2.
57:05- The guys talk about what is considered by many the game of the Con, Five Tribes by Days of Wonder.
59:07- Patrick talks about some of the games he picked up from Game Salute including Dreaming Spires and VivaJava Dice and one he wanted to get King’s Forge. The guys also talk about an upcoming Game Salute title that Robb got to play Area 1851.
1:02:08- Patrick talks about Plaid Hat Games‘  huge GenCon hit, Dead of Winter.
1:02:56- Patrick discusses iello Games gorgeous GenCon presence including the highly anticipated King of New York (obviously I meant it is like King of Tokyo). Patrick also talked about some iello Games surprises including: Zombie ’15 and World of Yo-Ho.
1:06:01- Robb talks about the new cards for CGE’s Tash Kalar and the incredible ios implementation of Galaxy Trucker.
1:08:32- Robb talks about buying (then selling) Doomtown Reloaded from AEG.
1:10:06- Patrick talks about a publisher that is coming on like a hurricane, Portal and the games Imperial Settlers and Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy.
1:12:17- Patrick talks about being impressed by a new publisher Floodgate Games and their new worker placement game, Epic Resort.
1:13:12- Patrick talks about Mayfair Games, best games for… feature that will be coming up in future days.
1:14:12- The guys talk about their future Con plans, Origins.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

1:15:00- Patrick provides a walk through for Machi Koro.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6y02IGRE-U?list=PLHvfN_pNBj_HF4fYR0tlp5X0bO3uLBSgu]
1:19:00- All of the Pegs review Machi Koro by IDW Games.
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Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

1:37:20- The Pegs discuss their thoughts on the games that they reviewed a year ago, Dungeon Roll and Libertalia.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

1:43:20- Patrick provides a rules break down of the Z-Man Games game, Pandemic: Contagion.
1:47:46- All of the Pegs review Pandemic: Contagion.
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