Episode 27 Show Notes: Splendor/Blueprints/Travel Gaming

 Blue Peg Catch-Up

1:10- Robb bums us all out by talking about the 27 Club.
3:55- Robb and Patrick discuss their Gen Con lodging plans.
5:15- Robb discusses his plans to learn how to sculpt and paint miniatures for the $300 minis game that he will probably never get.
5:33- The guys discuss the official Blue Peg, Pink Peg Gen Con schedule.
6:50- The guys announce their Stronghold Games Secret Phrase Contest.
You can go here to pre-order Stronghold incredible line up of fall games.
8:07- The guys give some tips for Gen Con attendees.
The guys preview some of the games they are looking forward to at Gen Con 2014. (click on the text to learn more about the games).
15:15- Doomtown Reloaded (learn)
16:30- Dead of Winter (learn) (buy/pre-order)
dead of winter
17:37- Istanbul (learn) (buy/pre-order)
18:52- Shinobi Clans (learn) (buy/pre-order)
20:30- Panamax (learn) (buy/pre-order)
22:22- Guardians’ Chronicle (learn)
23:52- Battle at Kemble’s Cascade (learn)
25:00- Tortuga (learn)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

_DSC0128 _DSC0129 _DSC0131 _DSC0130 _DSC0132 _DSC0125 _DSC0124 _DSC012326:68- Patrick provides a brief rules summary for Splendor.
29:30- All of the Pegs review the set collection game, Splendor.
_DSC0139 _DSC0138 _DSC0137 _DSC0136 _DSC0134
44:40- Patrick provides a brief rules summary for Blueprints. (Hey Patrick, 1 Die, Many Dice.)
47:31- All of the Pegs review the dice building game, Blueprints.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:00:15- All of the Pegs discuss the best games to play while you are travelling.