Episode 17 Show Notes: Amerigo and Explaining Rules

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:15- Robb tells us a bit about the holiday that occurs on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day.
3:16- The Blue Pegs discuss the incredible entries to our Voluspa: Order of the Gods and Rogue Agent Pre-Order Valentine Contest.
4:00- The indomitable Stephen Buonocore reveals (through a dramatic reading) the winning entry in our contest.
8:32- The guys discuss discuss the winning entry.
9:36- The Blue Pegs discuss the Asmodee sponsored contest to win, Concept, The Builders: Middle Ages and Continental Express.
11:23- The Blue Pegs discuss and recommend Concept.
14:31- The Blue Pegs review the glove compartment games The Builders: Middle Ages and Continental Express.
16:47- Patrick recounts playing gateway games with his cousins, including La Boca.
18:01- Patrick talks about his long delayed introduction to Wits and Wagers.
19:32- Robb crows about his unbroken streak of winning The Resistance.
20:31- Robb recounts his first impressions of the hidden movement game, Letters From Whitechapel.
22:45- Robb recalls his return to one of his great loves, Dominion.
22:52- Patrick talks about the kickstarter for the drinking game, Adults of Carcassonne.
24:37- Robb recounts the response to what he refers to as, “The Great Blocking Debate”.
25:23- Robb salivates over the $100 dollar deluxe edition of Ticket to Ride.
26:56- Both of the Blue Pegs discuss expansions to the Space Cadets franchise including Space Cadets: Away Missions

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

28:47- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Amerigo.
39:15- All of the Pegs (sans Pink Peg Keri) review Stefan Feld’s 2013 action selection game Amerigo.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Hot Seat

1:06- The Pegs discuss how they explain rules to new gamers or gamers new to a game.