Episode 14 Show Notes: Steam Park/Gaming Resolutions and Predictions

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:02- Robb tells us about the source of Pink Peg Christina’s (FizzGig) Star City Roller Girls number, 14
number 14
3:05- Patrick reviews the family game Eight Minute Empire: Legends
8 minute
5:31- Robb reveals his concerns that he has regarding teaching rules to new players
8:12- Patrick talks about playing The Pillars of the Earth with Pink Peg Keri
10:11- Robb reviews the game Food Fight
12:07- Patrick gives a brief review of Blueprints
14:38- Robb discuss playing the kids game Tell Tale Fairy Tales with his 3 year old
16:30- Patrick discuss Cyclades, Kemet and the C3K expansion, including his thoughts on balance in the expansion
19:44- Patrick and Robb discuss their initial thoughts on Euphoria
22:12- Robb tells you about the first sign of the Apocalypse 
potty train
24:05- Patrick discloses that he is surprised to find that he may back the recent Ultimate Werewolf kickstarter campaign
26:24- Patrick marvels at the genius of pitting boardgame podcasters/reviewer again each other in order to drive site traffic through www.boardgamelinks.com
28:17- Robb encourages our listeners to support The Dice Tower

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

29:42- Patrick provides a walk through for Iello’s Steam Park
24:22- All of the Pegs review Steam Park

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

58:06- All of the Pegs discuss their 2014 gaming resolutions and predictions
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