Episode 250: Hegemony-Lead Your Class to Victory

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Books of Time, Shake that City, My Island and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Hegemony; and

3) Share recent experiences of the strong connection between board games and relationships.

Show Notes

1:19 – Episode 250 CONTEST!!!-Sponsor Grand Gamers Guild wants to help us celebrate making it to episode 250. Contest will run until Sept.30th.

6:13Hanabi Fiasco

13:10 – Sitting next to Patrick during game days

16:48– Brandon’s epic gaming weekend in Denver

20:32– Gentlemen’s Wager to get healthy

26:27– Best Friend that never was


31:47 – Books of Time*[ Buy] – Publisher: Board&Dice; Designer: Filip Głowacz; Art: Zbigniew UmgelterAleksander Zawada;

42:19 – Shake That City* [Buy] – Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group; Designers: Mads FløeKåre Torndahl Kjær; Art: Olga Kim;

51:34 – Faeries and Magical Creatures [Buy] – Publisher: Forbidden Games ; Designer: Glenn Drover; Art: Annie Stegg;

1:00:39 – My Island [Buy] – Publisher: KOSMOS; Designer: Reiner Knizia; Art: Michael Menzel;


1:10:07 – PEGHEAD in need. Support Chris Graves/Voodoochyl!

1:16:21Terraforming Mar KS now live


1:29:39Boundless Stride

1:33:32Update – Gen Con Magic Heist



1:44:56 – Rules Gist

Hegemony Lead your Class to Victory, or AKA High School Civics class textbook the board game. Is a heavy economic simulation game, with variable player powers, voting, and action selection. Our initial rules teach took about an hour and that was with us all watching videos of how to play our selected class. This will be the gisty-est or rule gists as all four classes play and score differently and all interact with each other in various ways. When playing two player games, you play as the Capitalist and Working Class.  Three player games you add in the Middle Class, and when playing four, you add in the State.  Working class controls the workers, Capitalist the companies, the middle class, is a mixture of both, and the State is trying to make everyone happy while trying not going bankrupt. 

All the classes start their turn with drawing up to seven cards.  The Capitalist also get some companies from a company deck.  They are focused on building companies for the working/middle class workers to work in.  These companies make goods and services which the Capitalist try to sell for a profit.  They are also buying and selling to foreign markets and making trade deals, paying taxes, and each round paying their workers. They score most of their post from moving revenue to their capital.

The working class get multiple skilled/unskilled workers each round which they put into these companies. They are buying services (and sometimes goods) to make their workers happy.  That is how they make most of their points.  In addition, they have to worry about feeding those workers and paying taxes each round. 

The middle class has companies and workers.  They are trying to find a balance between producing, selling, and consuming to keep their prosperity growing each round which is where the bulk of their points come from. They too have to feed workers and pay taxes. 

The state is trying to balance the legitimacy of the other 3 classes through offering goods and services and quashing social issues that arise every round.  Their points come from how well they do this. They also control the public sector that produces good and services and employs all the worker types.  Running all this takes money and the State should be looking for ways to make that coin.

The card play in the game is simple.  Play a card for its printed power or discard to do any of the class specific actions. One of those actions could be to propose a bill on the Politics table.  There you will find 7 different policies each with 3 types of leanings from socialism to neoliberalism and globalism to nationalism.  Shifting the policy affect points, salaries, taxes, tariffs, the price of services provided by the state, foreign trade, and immigration. All of these things affect the board different ways and help/hurt the classes.  During the voting phase everyone decides if they are for or against a proposed bill, there are voting cubes for the 3 classes that have put in the bag in various ways, 5 a drawn and influence is applied.  The State doesn’t get a vote, but they can influence.  Getting or being for a passed bill also gets you points. You have 5 rounds of building, producing, paying taxes, feeding workers, elections, and scoring.  Every class also get different end game scoring. There is a lot more to this game, but this is the gist. Now lets get back to the table to see if the Pegs felt this was a robust prospering game, or if they are going to go on strike to avoid another play.  

1:48:23 – Review

2:21:26 – Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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4 thoughts to “Episode 250: Hegemony-Lead Your Class to Victory”

  1. Hello guys , Peaky Boardgamer here! Thanks for watching my Hegemony how to play video and for this shoutout. It was a real challenge to deliver this video, but as it seems it helps so so many people around the globe to learn this rules intimidating game. I also need to state that this video was created with the blessings (and not only) of Hegemonic Project Games which surely shows their intention to make their game as easy as possible to reach setup on their customer’s table.

    1. Incredible tutorial. We would have been lost without it. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into teaching this game.. It’s a BEAST and you made it quite palatable for everyone here at BPPP. Cheers!

  2. Thank you guys for your deep dive into Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory! What an amazing podcast experience for real! Also a big thank you to Peaky Boardgamer for his video which has become the go-to video in our community!

    1. Thank you for the opportunity to review a truly thought-provoking and unique experience! It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you like the BIG GAMES, this one is for you! Amazing accomplishment.

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