Episode 249: Galaxy Trucker 2nd Edition

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Dorfromantik: The Board Game, Applejack, Inheritors and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Galaxy Trucker 2nd Edition; and

3) hear from Harper (13) and dive into some D&D Bourbon.

Show Notes

2:50 – How old is Harper?

7:32 -Christina’s Cousin Vinny

11:34 – Robb & Brandon play videogames

21:17– Kevin goes on a trip and doesn’t become famous

28:46– Scooby Doo, D&D and Bourbon


36:10 – Dorfromantik: The Board Game [Buy] – Publisher: Pegasus Spiele; Designers: Michael PalmLukas Zach; Art: Paul Riebe;

48:27 – Cosmoctopus * [Buy] – Publisher: Lucky Duck Games; Designer: Henry Audubon; Art: George Doutsiopoulos;

55:39 – Inheritors * [Buy] – Publisher: NorthStar Game Studio; Designers: Jeffrey CCHKenneth YWN; Artists: Roxy DaiCoda Ho;

1:02:28 – Applejack * [Buy] – Publisher: Stronghold Games; Designer: Uwe Rosenberg; Art: Lukas Siegmon;


1:09:32The Cathedral of Orléans

1:15:32Uno for Adults

1:19:15Ouroboros as IP. The card game turned show turned card game

1:22:30Grand Austria Hotel: Hochaison

1:25:33Operation Inventor Irony

Galaxy Trucker 2nd Edition

1:32:24 – Rules Gist

In Galaxy Trucker (Second Edition), you are a space trucker trying to make a name for yourself in the galaxy. You will build your own ship, load it up with cargo, and then race across the galaxy to deliver your cargo to the highest bidders. Along the way, you will encounter hazards such as meteors, pirates, and other unsightly space horrors.. If you can survive these hazards and deliver your cargo on time, you will be the most successful space trucker in the galaxy!

Players begin each game by simultaneously rummaging through the common warehouse –  a delightfully disorganized stack tiles in the center of the play area – frantically trying to grab the most useful component tiles to build their spaceship — all in real-time.. In the base game of Galaxy Trucker (Second Edition), players are searching for Cabins, Engines, Cannons, Batteries, Shield Generators and Cargoholds in the perfect orientation to add to their ship.  This intense, real time chaos will test players mettle as they rush to build the perfect ship in order to traverse the galaxy!

When the timer runs out, players move on to the Flight, where they will face a series of adventure cards.  These cards offer events and challenges to all the players at the table, from marauding pirates to asteroid storms DESTINED to destroy your well-built ship, the flight can be a truly unpredictable part of your journey!  Cleverly placed Canon’s and Shield Generators will offer safety and success against these unpredictable events. 

Occasionally an adventure card will allow ALL players to stop on a planet to pick up cargo – If properly stored and safely transported to the end of your adventure, cargo can be worth many points!  The ever mystical “Red Blocks” are the most valuable of the cargo and must be kept in special red containers, isolated from other types of cargo.  Be careful that your cargo is stored in a secure portion of your ship, as a single errant asteroid or attack from a pirate fleet can leave it floating out to space!

The Chaos and the unknown are a big part of the fun and excitement that there is to be had in the convincing world of Galaxy Trucker (Second Edition).  Not knowing if you’ll survive to the end of the Journey, much less with a ship full of valuable cargo, is part of the fun!  At the end of the day, people expect Space Truckers to be fast and on top of paying a premium for your precious cargo, patrons award bonus COSMIC CREDITS for when you arrive at the finish line! There is also a bonus for the best looking ship – of course this bonus is tallied AFTER the asteroid fields, pirates and smugglers have had their way with you. All followed by the true equalizer!  Each player loses 1 cosmic credit for each tile they lose in space along the way!  OUCH!
Money is hard to come by, but the opportunity to make that money is the true reward!  The Trucker who made the most COSMIC CREDITS is the winner and either the very best Galaxy Trucker or really damn lucky.

1:35:54 – Review

2:08:39 – Ratings

*Check out our original review for Galaxy Trucker during Episode 7.*

Gameplay Photos

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