Episode 247: The Witcher-Old World

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Princes of Florence, The Artemis Odyssey, Indiana Jones: Sands of Adventure and many more;

2) All the Pegs review The Witcher-Old World; and

3) Chat about their most anticipated GENCON titles.

Show Notes

1:11 – Contest Reminder! Submit your entries via email or through the discord channel

3:09 – Get your BPPP Pints!

6:56 – Brandon & Robb at GenCon!

32:00– Robb doesn’t like teaching games anymore….

40:24– Brandon gets a present!

43:23– Kevin sees a ghost….or not….maybe


49:57 – Princes of Florence * [Buy] – Publisher: WizKids (I); Designers: Wolfgang KramerRichard UlrichJens Christopher Ulrich; Artists: Arnaud Demaegd, et al.;

59:33 – The Artemis Odyssey * [Buy] – Publisher: Grand Gamers Guild ; Designers: Bruno FaiduttiSerge Laget; Artists: Dominik MayerCristian Romero;

1:08:51 – Carbon City Zero-A Collaborative Board Game * [Buy] – Publisher-Laurence King Publishing Ltd; Designers: Sam IllingworthPaul Wake;

1:16:42– Indiana Jones: Sands of Adventure * [Buy] – Publisher: Funko Games ; Designer: Prospero Hall;


1:30:34Horror on the Orient Express

1:33:02Terraforming Mars Automa – Updated Solo Mode

1:35:132023 Dice Advent Calendar

1:38:51- Our Family Plays Games Kickstarter!

The Witcher: Old World

1:42:30 – Rules Gist

In The Witcher: Old World designed by Lukasz Wozniak and published by CD Project Red players compete to be the best Witcher in the business, move over Henry Cavill. How do you do that – move up a track on the gameboard of course. You move up that track by killing monsters, defeating other witchers in combat, or upgrading a skill to the max and meditating on it. On a turn a player plays a number of cards in order to move. The icons on those cards dictate which terrain a player can move to and each location offers the opportunity to take a specific action or upgrade. Some actions you can take are upgrading skills for free or paying to do so, play poker, or pick up the trail of a monster. The second phase of a turn will be deciding to do combat. Combat is resolved by playing cards, which are color coded to try to create combos and reduce an opponent’s health pool – which is their stack of cards. And they’ll be trying to do the same to you. It’s worth mentioning there is a special deck for the monsters that other players in the game control. If you do move up that trophy track you lose some cards from your hand.

On turns where you don’t complete a trophy, you know moving up that game winning track, you can explore the wilds or the city which are cards that give quests or potential perks or penalties. You also discard cards to select a new card from the card row to improve your hand.

Rinse and repeat until someone is crowned the best Witcher in all the land.

Let’s head back to the studio and see if the pegs want Kikimora of the Witcher or if it’s just no ghoul.

1:44:16 – Review

2:11:40 – Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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