Episode 209: Dinosaur World

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Coffee Traders, Oriflamme, Land Vs Sea and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Dinosaur World; and

3) Look back at Beyond the Sun.

Show Notes

01:21 – Richmond lays down some fun facts about Tommy Boy


4:20Brambeard Gaming

15:24 – Heading to PAXU!

16:55 – BPPP Gift Exchange announcement

18:06Roll for Crit shout out!

19:01-WSBG Winners Announced

21:31-Gloomhaven Digital

26:22-Advent Calendars gone wrong

35:24-Missing Granny Con


39:25 – Coffee Traders [Buy] – Capstone Games; Designer: Rolf Sagel, André Spil; Art: John Rabou, Daan van Paridon;

44:08 – Land vs Sea * [Buy] – Good Games Publishing; Designer: Jon-Paul Jacques ; Art: Jon-Paul Jacques ;

53:06 – Dinner in Paris [Buy] – Funnyfox ; Designer: The Trolls; Art: Alain Boyer ;

1:00:01– Oriflamme [Buy] – Studio H; Designer: Adrien HeslingAxel Hesling; Art: Tomasz Jedruszek;


1:08:12Borderlands: Mister Torgue’s arena of Badassery

1:12:53Voyages Kickstarter

1:16:44Man Vs Meeple Kickstarter

1:18:28Marvel Zombies Announcement

1:23:01Azul Lottery Scratch Ticket

Dinosaur World

1:27:14 – Rules Gist

Dinosaur World is a tile laying, worker placement game that uses dice and movement points. Each player has a player board that they use to track their DNA, threat, security, and movement points. DNA is used to make dinosaurs, threat is gained when you start making those dinosaurs, security is used to mitigate that threat and the movement points are used to get around your park. Money is used to buy attractions and dinosaur pens. A round goes like this; draft some workers, spend those workers on public actions like getting attractions and DNA. Those attractions and dinosaur pens are tiles that are placed in players individual parks. Players can also spend workers on private actions (like getting more security, more money or increasing movement points). The final phase is moving around the parks using movement points in a…jeeple. That’s right a jeep meeple, jeeple. As players move around their parks, they activate the tiles to get stuff or generate excitement and possibly threat. There is also a chance that a dinosaur will eat or step on someone which is bad to gain threats which can be negative points at the end of the game. Finally there is the income phase, where players earn money based on their excitement level, compare threat vs security and earn more resources. Game plays in five rounds, whoever has the most points wins.

1:29:40 – Review

2:00:13 – Ratings


2:08:17 – Beyond the Sun [Buy] – Rio Grande Games; Designer: Dennis K. Chan; Art: Franz Vohwinkel;

Check out our original review for Beyond the Sun during Episode 185.

Gameplay Photos

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