Episode 206: Unfathomable

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Dreadful Circus, That Time You Killed Me, Holiday Hijinks Series and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Unfathomable by Fantasy Flight Games; and

3) Look back at Greenville 1989 AND Apocrypha.

Show Notes

01:21 – The Philadelphia Experiment Trivia


03:50 – Peg’s Board Game Halloween Costumes

6:32 – Bad Advent Calendar

9:14 – High School Reunions or lack thereof

12:54– World Series of Board Gaming Contest

23:26-Patrick delights us with another round of “Which is Worse?”


32:06 – That Time You Killed Me[Buy] – Pandasaurus Games; Designer: Peter C. Hayward; Art: Jor Ros;

37:46 – Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down[Buy] – Grey Fox Games; Designer: Felix Mertikat ; Art: Maxine MetzgerFelix Mertikat;

46:04 – Holiday Hijinks Series [Buy] – Grand Gamers Guild; Designer: Jonathan Chaffer; Art: Jonathan Chaffer;

53:30 – Dreadful Circus[Buy] – Portal Games; Designer: Bruno Faidutti ; Art: Mateusz BielskiMateusz KopaczMaciej Simiński;


1:03:05 – New Reiner Kinizia card game

1:07:08Why do so many games only have 5 resources?

1:12:20Ticket To Ride PINK, to support Breast Cancer research

1:13:44-Coyote Peterson the board game

1:16:10-Scented Dice by Smellybones


1:22:06 – Rules Breakdown

Unfathomable retheming of Batllestar Gallactica and plays very similar to that.  It plays 3-6 players between 2-4 hours. This is a hidden traitor game taking place in 1913 aboard the SS Atlantica. As passengers we are fighting off Deep Ones and worse.  If that is not bad enough someone in our ranks are traitors.

  • Start off the game everyone is given an alignment either human or some brand baddie. As a human, you are trying to get the vessel back home to its destination. As a cultist or a hybrid you are trying to stop it.  If you ever run out of fuel, food, people, or sanity- The humans lose. All parts of the ship are damaged-the humans loses.  You need to put another baddie on the ship and the supply is out-the humans lose.
  • On your turn you get some actions, either moving around the ship, saving people, fixing things, fighting baddies, and a bunch of other stuff.
  • The main mechanic in the game are event cards.  Some cards a specific role or person has to make a choice, but most involve a skill check.  All players have multi use skill cards in their hands.  When a skill check occurs the players need to hit or succeed a check.  Everyone may secretly put cards that have values into the check.  Some cards will help hit that skill check, others will hurt.  Also 2 random cards are put in.  Cards are revealed if you pass yay, if you fail, bad stuff happens.

1:24:30 – Review

1:51:12 – Ratings


2:03:10 – Greenville 1989[Buy] –KOSMOS ; Designer: Florian Fay; Art: David Sitbon;

2:06:09-Apocrypha [Buy]-Lone Shark Games; Designer: Mike Selinker et. al; Art: Nate AbellDaniel AlekowJacob Atienza et.al.

Check out our original review for Greenville 1989 during Episode 181 and Apocrypha during Episode 182.

Gameplay Photos

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2 thoughts to “Episode 206: Unfathomable”

  1. Fantastic episode, as always ~ Patrick is always a delight, even if picked-on by his close friends. The new format for the Rules Breakdown is a pleasant change…as we’re not overwhelmed by the minutiae found in any rule-set, but instead enjoy the top wave coverage of the main mechanics, actions, and victory conditions.

    1. Hey, I just listened to this episode ( only found you guys last week). I’m from choose to VA Beach too! What high school did you go to?

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