Episode 204-Ankh:Gods of Egypt

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Azul:Queens Garden, Islands in the Mist, a Harper’s Bazaar and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Ankh:Gods of Egypt; and

3) Look back at Ecos:First Continent.

Show Notes

01:20 – Trivia-well kind of, oh and a contest!


09:10 – GenCon talk

18:28 – Origins talk

20:20 – BPPP swag

21:45-How is Patrick feeling? Want to see Patrick in a movie?

34:40-Speaking of movies, it’s almost time for Horror Movie Month!

37:50-Which is worse?


41:55 – AZUL: Queen’s Garden [Buy] – Next Move Games; Designer: Michael Kiesling; Art: Chris Quilliams;

48:12 – Islands in the Mist [Buy] –Stronghold Games ; Designer: Volker Schächtele; Art: Michael Menzel ; *

53:41 – Marrakesh [Buy] – Queen Games; Designer: Stefan Feld

1:00:18– Harper’s Bazaar-Color Code [Buy] – Chili Island;* Crack the Code [Buy] – Indie Boards & Cards; Designer: Sarah GraybillJohn Shulters; Art: William Bricker; *


1:14:00Death of the Game of Life designer

1:16:00 – Legacy Lounge-Jurassic Park Legacy

1:19:40Lords of Ragnarok

1:21:18-Cape May

1:25:20-Steam Up-Dim Sum Game

1:27:20-Dominion – Allies

Ankh:Gods of Egypt

1:32:05 – Rules Breakdown

1:35:38 – Review

1:59:50 – Ratings


2:10:00 – Ecos-First Continent [Buy] – Alderac Entertainment Group; Designer: John D. Clair; Art: Sabrina Miramon;

Check out our original review for Ecos-First Continent during Episode 179.

Gameplay Photos

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One thought to “Episode 204-Ankh:Gods of Egypt”

  1. Its funny how the Merge in Ankh is so polarizing. The entire idea is that you MUST plan accordingly throughout the game…its a race that must be planned for on top of the red/blue track. And like Mr. Lang said in his interview…even if things don’t go well with the Merge…its a short game and you it happens very late in the game. The variability created by this rule is yet another great positive. Sorry you all didn’t care for it…its a great game that breaks all the other routines that other area control games have. Pharaoh’s definitely adds length and complexity. You have the option to play without it…shouldn’t impact the game rating. Just my 2cents.

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