Thanks for the Meme-ories II

It’s time to dig through your closet for your best pair of contest pants and win $200 in games from Blue Peg, Pink Peg!

Entering is easy – create a meme about anything Blue Peg, Pink Peg. The hosts, our tag lines, Robb’s volume, Jeremy’s droop-ness. Let your imagination run wild.

Then, post your meme anywhere you can find us – on our Facebook page, Tweet us @bluepegpinkpeg, email to, or post in the comments here. Just use the hashtag #BPPPContest on social media so we can be sure to find you.

At the end of the contest, Christina, Robb, and Jeremy will pick their favorite memes, the overall winner will be selected through Trial by Boardgame – the pegs will play a game together, and the winner of the game will bestow the creator of their chosen meme with a $200 gift certificate to an online or local board game retailer of the winner’s chose (assuming we can figure out how to get you your prize – we’ll work those details out with the winner).

Contest ends midnight 12/31/19 and the winner will be announced the following episode.

Looking for inspiration? Visit some of the highlights from our previous Thanks for the Meme-ories contest way back in 2015.

Contact us with any questions, and good luck!

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