Renegade Game Studio’s Family Pack Contest

In order to be entered to win a copy of Dicey Goblins, Fuse, and Lotus by Renegade Games send an email to with “Renegade Family Contest” in the subject line. In the email answer the following questions about each of these games. The answers to the question can be found by going to the game page for each of the games at Board Game Geek. You can go to the game pages by clicking each of the game titles listed here: Dicey Goblins, Fuse, and Lotus.
The contest runs until 12:00 noon on September 22, 2016. Only one entry per person. Shipping fees may apply for entries for persons located outside of the contiguous United States.

  1. What are the end game triggers in Dicey Goblins?
  2. What are the four colors of dice that come with Dicey Goblins?
  3. What are the five colors of dice that come with Fuse?
  4. When Tom Vasal of The Dice Tower gives his final verdict on Fuse in his video review, what unique action does he show in the video (hint: watch until the end)?
  5. What color is the flower that is completed by laying three cards into a flower set in Lotus?
  6. What are the four insect guardians in Lotus, meaning what kind of insects are they?